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The patrol division comprises the largest segment of the Oneonta Police Department, in terms of staff, equipment, and budgetary needs. Uniform police officers and their marked police vehicles are the most visible components of the department. The Patrol Division is typically the first line officer(s) encountered by the public, and sometimes the only police personnel that the citizen will interact with. No other division has the opportunity to affect the departments reputation as much as the Patrol Division.

Patrol activities range from making initial reports of crime, arrest reports, accident reports, and supplemental reports. Non-criminal activities include searching for lost children, civil disputes, courtroom testimony, traffic enforcement, and civil resolutions. Obviously, the patrol officer must be very versatile. The quality of service provided to the public by the patrol division reflects directly on the police departments overall reputation and success. The Patrol Division mandates the highest degree of uniformity and professionalism as they are the first-line responders to calls for service.

To contact the Oneonta Police Department Patrol Division call

(205) 625-4913  non emergency or 911 in the event of an emergency.

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